While I don’t really like talking about myself, it is important for anyone reading this blog to have some knowledge of who I am.  As of this date, I am currently (1) the Co-Founder of ZingBY, a recently developed networking and collaboration service targeting business professionals in China, and (2) an Internet Consultant focused on online marketing and strategy.

You could probably call me an “old school” internet guy since I’ve been working in the industry since 1994.  From the inside I have seen exciting  successes, devastating failures and everything in between, including IPO’s, acquisitions and mergers to bankruptcies, office closings and massive layoffs.  My roles have varied from hands on marketing and search engine optimization, to managing technology teams, business development and partnerships, and managing entire companies’ operations.  While my experience is varied, I consider my strongest areas to be in online marketing, analytics and strategy.

However, my online experience started well before the beginning of my career.  In the mid 80’s my father moved from AT&T to Bellcore following Ma Bell’s divestiture.  Our “wired” household was probably a result of him being so heavily involved in telecom.  We had a computer in the house starting in the early 80’s, but I was not that interested initially.  Well, one day my father was working and called me in to his office to show me something on his computer.  As I’m looking at the DOS-like screen, a message pops up…”hey john, are you there?”.  I then begin to watch my first IM conversation.  I was amazed and sold on this medium that allowed real-time communication.

From there I tried every online service available, including old BBS, CompuServe and I even PURCHASED a browser from a retail software store for something like $40 back in the early 90’s.  I think I spent most of my income on phone bills (you had to dial-in long distance back then), software and ISP services.

Anyway, so you get the picture.  I’ve been around this industry for a while.   Since I am still involved, let’s touch on the future.

My thoughts on what will succeed:  Real-time information exchange, collaboration, networking and data storage are still the future.  Yes, I said “still” because it has always been the allure from both business professionals and consumers.  We are just getting better at collecting, processing, displaying and distributing this information.

To be continued…