After years of being a Blackberry user my jealousy of not having any “apps” to play with finally took over.  Actually, let me back up about a year first.  In my house I don’t get great reception with Verizon.  Outside in the front or back and I’m fine, but inside the house coverage stinks.  One too many business dropped calls later and I called Verizon to see what could be done.  After all, I’ve been with them since the mid-late 90’s, so it was worth having a discussion.

Well, the person on the phone recommended a “network extender” to enhance the signal in my house.  I said great, when can you send one out to me?  The answer was as soon as I could shell out $200+ for this little piece of hardware.  This did not make me happy at all and I eventually was so angry that I went over to AT&T wireless for the first time in my life.  Well, the relationship with AT&T was rocky from the start and ended with me saying some not so nice things to a CS person (sorry about that).

This altercation pushed me into the new world of smartphones and I ordered my first one…a Droid and went back to Verizon Wireless.  I wanted this phone because of the optional hard keyboard and the Google Android platform.  Not having this was my biggest fear at the time.  Anyway, I loved the phone.  It was amazing and I didn’t even use the hard keyboard.

At the time my Dad showed some interest in having one of these smartphones, so I made a deal with him.  I’d give him my Droid at a big discount and I could get a new Droid X.

Back to present day:  I’ve had the Droid X for about one month now and it’s pretty cool.  The size is nice…much bigger than the Droid and BB, but great for visuals on screen and clicking text links.  The camera is a HUGE improvement over the Droid.  If a good camera is important to you, don’t even bother with the Droid…it’s terrible.  Only in very specific lighting was I able to get good shots in.  The Droid X has 8 megapixels and you can really see the difference in quality.  I bought the car mount and a hard case for carrying also, which I highly recommend.

However, there are a few issues that have been bugging me about the phone.  For one, I have not been able to upgrade to Android 2.2.  There are some great enhancements there and I’ve  been waiting for a while (with no end in site).  If it’s coming soon I’d never know since I have no information about the release date.  The second thing that bugs me is the HDMI capabilities that are promoted so much.  I actually went out and bought the multimedia station and extra HDMI cable thinking I would be downloading HD movies to my phone and watching them on the TV.  That’s not going to happen anytime soon since there are no good apps/providers for HD content for download and display via the HDMI/TV.  Netflix doesn’t have an Android app yet and Blockbuster…well, stinks.  I could download a movie from Blockbuster, but I could only play it on the phone, not transfer it to the TV for viewing…weak.

One other thing I think needs a major upgrade is the “Car” mode and music management.  The Car mode is a great c0ncept, but listening to media in that mode is too basic.  There’s very little functionality, which is probably good for car mode but needs something more.  Music management for me on the phone is to use Itunes then drag and drop the media onto my phone.  This is ok, but will only work for so long.

Well, let me just wrap up by saying I love the phone…Droid X.  However, I’m also looking forward to some enhancements (oh, did I forget about the upgrade to gmail mobile, which is desperately needed?).  I highly recommend it from an old Blackberry user’s perspective!