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Zingby has been making some good progress lately. We have quite a few number of improvements in the works for the general sns portion and we are specing out more advancements towards a collaborative environment. This includes a number of changes to functionality, formatting, layout and design. Also, long due is a complete notification system […]

Shanghai One Year Later

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I returned late last night from my trip to Shanghai (China, for those of you unfamiliar with the city of 20 million +). It was more than a year since my last visit and things haven’t changed all that much. Of course, I stayed at my favorite Shanghai Hotel, which I highly recommend. However, I […]

Well, we just opened up the alpha version of Zingby and I am very happy about the progress. It was only four months ago that this idea was born and we’ve all been working hard on it to make it happen. The concept is based on professional social networking in China with a twist of […]