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Last week, Search Engine Land posted current results for December’s search market share as released by comScore.  It looks like things are moving in the expected direction with Google continuing to climb and maintain the dominant position while Bing edges up a bit.  Yahoo, Ask and AOL all dipped with AOL hitting a record low […]

I just went through my Google Buzz stream to see when I first posted there.  It looks like my first post was the same day as my first comment – February 11, 2010.  Most of my early posts weren’t getting many comments early in the game.  It seemed like there was already a community that […]

Droid X, my review

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After years of being a Blackberry user my jealousy of not having any “apps” to play with finally took over.  Actually, let me back up about a year first.  In my house I don’t get great reception with Verizon.  Outside in the front or back and I’m fine, but inside the house coverage stinks.  One […]

Before I get to the importance of web analytics today and in the future, first let me tell you a little story about an 800 lb gorilla. Google recently announced that it was going to provide a browser plugin that allowed anyone to opt out of being tracked by their metrics reporting product, Google Analytics.  […]

Converted Blogger to WordPress

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A few weeks ago I received an email from the Google Blogger folks that they will no longer support the ftp version beginning sometime in March.  Unfortunately I had 4 Blogger services running.  While I was a little bothered by this abandonment, I wanted to move over to a better platform anyway.  WordPress was the […]