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There is definitely a lot more to this story than the graph below.  However, this report from shows declining web traffic from 4 of the 5 major tech blogs (that I read regularly).  If this graph was the story, year over year numbers are looking ominous.   Techcrunch and Lifehacker both down more than […]

Optimizing for positive and accurate professional branding and marketing are now essential when seeking new employment or consulting opportunities.  It all starts with some published content like your resume, a LinkedIn profile, a website about your services or a professional profile.  You start crafting this content thinking about how you would describe yourself in order […]

Last week, Search Engine Land posted current results for December’s search market share as released by comScore.  It looks like things are moving in the expected direction with Google continuing to climb and maintain the dominant position while Bing edges up a bit.  Yahoo, Ask and AOL all dipped with AOL hitting a record low […]

I just went through my Google Buzz stream to see when I first posted there.  It looks like my first post was the same day as my first comment – February 11, 2010.  Most of my early posts weren’t getting many comments early in the game.  It seemed like there was already a community that […]

Before launching a new business, most entrepreneurs develop business models and projections.  They do this in order to estimate the types of returns their business is capable of producing.  One segment of those projections is represented in the marketing plan.  Stakeholders read this document to understand how the business will market their services and what […]